Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blood-red Rose In The Light of The Full Moon

I think I am going to translate my story from my mother language to english, it is going to be hard and it is going to be much badder than it is in my language, but I will give it a try and will see what comes out of it. This story is 4,5 A4 pages long and it's title is 'Blood-red Rose in The Light of The Full Moon' or something like that, it is a story about germanic barbarian, whose quest is to assassinate some people. I won a little prize in school because of that story, so it seems to be good idea to put it in here.

Upcoming book?

This is just a idea that I have had in my mind for a couple of weeks and I am maybe going to write a book about it or just a longer story, don't really know yet.

It is 21st century, there are many religions in the world and none of them, but one, could see what will happen with this world. Because of this the christians are confused, muslims explode themselves and jewish ignore the threat and get killed.
The thunderer Thor, the wielder of Mjöllnir had done good work, by banishing the ice giants from the worlds to their homeland and keeping them from other worlds, until now. It is time for war between the worlds again, the new ice age has begun, starting from the Scandinavian areas and spreading quickly all over the world. There is only one nation, who could stop them, by waking the ancient gods with showing that there still are followers of the ancient ways and show that the mortals of Midgard need their help. But this takes time and until then mortals have to take care of themselves.

The Beginning of Blogging

For the start I will just add some older stories in here what I have done. They are just some random inspirational ideas what I have had in my mind, maybe some of these were even ideas for a book...

          They sail the oceans wide, coming across the ocean, to find the treasure, ancient. But problem there is one, no man on the ship knows the other man and the men know nothing about the treasure that waits them. Only thing they know is that this is the treasure every man in the world wants, or atleast so the legend says. All the sailors on the ship are the worst you can ever find. All of them are liars, thieves and backstabbers, just turn your back and you are dead or your gold is stolen. So never ever turn back to anyone, always keep your eyes open, because even the ones you think are friends may kill you without hesitating when the need comes. Don't trust anyone, but yourself!

          There is one heavy burden only I have to bear, only I and no mortal man more. I can't speak of this burden, so secret I shall call this. This is the biggest secret of the universe, what only the chosen gods and goddesses and I the greatest of the mortals know. I am the chosen one, I am the one who must suffer in the pain carrying this, this secret that gods gave me. If somehow even one mortal ever hears this secret then he dies with all of his children. So I must protect the secret with my life, no man can get this out of me, even when I'm in the pains and blood almost stops running throgh my veins.

           I'm travelling the mysterious way, the path of forgotten gods. I'm escaping from the doom that follows me everywhere, as long as I find the right time to strike and kill the stalker to end my bloodlust. I have no friend, but nature and spirits of my ancestors, on this path, so I have only to listen, listen to the sounds of nature to find the right way. Gods guide me through forests and valleys so I could find this what I am looking for. What is it that I'm looking for? Only gods know the answer. Maybe the gift from gods is love or the way to Valhalla - only Norns and Odin know the answer. I'm patience trying to find my treasure, but it is no easy path, I only have to hope that I will not be forgotten in these dark times.

            I'm sailing on the oceans, looking for death that is afraid of me, noone is willing to kill, kill the one who just wants to get valhalla by death, but he is too powerful and crushes the armies with mighty blow with his axe, the stories went far and the people fleed away from him, searching home from caves of monstrous beasts, who were afraid of the mighty warrior

           There is a woman waiting in the tower, waiting for his mighty warrior to help her from the cell she has to live. She is called by the name Aphrodite and the one who is trapped is the ugly beast Hephaestus, who has to be murdered to get the key to stop the mechanism guarding the lady of love, lady of beauty. She sings in her tower when the rain falls down from the sky, she sings about the most fearless warrior, from the lands long away from her home. But the warrior has too many obstacles in his way, to get his loved one from the cage she has been living for years.

         Once upon there lived a man, who said to be Casanova. He was cold-hearted heartbreaker, but one day, he met a woman of his dreams. The one he would never cheat on, the one he would love forever, the one who is worth everything, even the destruction of the world, just to see her for one day, no more the man needed to be with her to have eternal happiness, but because of his bad reputation the lady just avoided him, so the man left the world and started living in wild, but in two days he was food for animals, because of the wolfpack.

        There was a time when christians were afraid, when they prayed to their god in hope that it sends angels to defend, but nothing came to help them. It was a time when the wars of religions were ending, but from nowhere came a man, man in black and covered with hood, whose destiny was to destroy the religion that killed so many. One big scar running across the face and only one eye shining. He came with a sound of nature, with a sound of ravens, wolves, ad bears, he came when it was midnight and moon was shining up in the sky. His footsteps made no sound and neither didn't seem to breath, like a living dead he walked, raised by necromancers. But he was no dead man, he was still living.

PS: Please don't judge me for my hatred of christianity. It is just inside me from years behind and I can't get it out, and I am not going to hate you if you are christian, I really don't care, I just hate the religion, not the people who follow it, everyone chooses their own path.