Thursday, March 29, 2012

Upcoming book?

This is just a idea that I have had in my mind for a couple of weeks and I am maybe going to write a book about it or just a longer story, don't really know yet.

It is 21st century, there are many religions in the world and none of them, but one, could see what will happen with this world. Because of this the christians are confused, muslims explode themselves and jewish ignore the threat and get killed.
The thunderer Thor, the wielder of Mjöllnir had done good work, by banishing the ice giants from the worlds to their homeland and keeping them from other worlds, until now. It is time for war between the worlds again, the new ice age has begun, starting from the Scandinavian areas and spreading quickly all over the world. There is only one nation, who could stop them, by waking the ancient gods with showing that there still are followers of the ancient ways and show that the mortals of Midgard need their help. But this takes time and until then mortals have to take care of themselves.

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